Heavy Hops Ep. 013: Convergence of Politics, Art, Religion & Heavy Music (Mute Neighbor)

Mute Neighbor is a Chicago-based visual artist. You’ve seen his work on posters and merch for bands such as Pelican, Uniform, Chelsea Wolf, Emma Ruth Rundle, Russian Circles and Rezn to name a few. In this episode of Heavy Hops we learn about how he found art and merch design through the world of webzines, the creative process, his religious search as a preteen and how his art channels religious trauma. The political nature of his work is not subtle, and his message is important as the election of our life time is right around the corner. Let’s Dive and Get Heavy with Mute Neighbor.

Works Discussed:
Hostage Animal, Make America Great Again, I Don’t Take Responsibility At All, and God Is Love. View all of Mute Neighbors work HERE.

Find Mute Neighbor:

While looking at Mute Neighbors work enjoy this playlist companion he’s created. Access the playlist via Spotify HERE.

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Episode Art And Heavy Hops Logo By: Bryn Gleason

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