Mission Statement:

alexiScorched Tundra was created in 2011 as another platform for me to promote – while giving the metal community easier access to – bands that I consider to be making interesting and innovative metal music. Each year’s lineup is dynamic, with exclusive performances, at an affordable price. Scorched Tundra is diametrically opposed to other festivals because the objective is not to highlight a specific scene or book the usual suspects who play every metal festival. I approach the curation of this festival much like hanging paintings in a gallery: certain aspects of each painting are enhanced or muted depending on the order in which the paintings are hung. Each year I do my best to place all of the bands playing Scorched Tundra in a slot that will enhance their strengths, instead of placing them based in order of how much they are paid or what their stature may dictate. The showcase is therefore a meticulously curated experience that draws audiences and bands from all over the world to Gothenburg and Chicago.

In 2020 Heavy Hops was created as another platform for expressing the same intuition while profiling notable members of the music and beer world.

Scorched Tundra is NOT the work of a large organization, agency, or corporation. It is one person’s vision turned into reality. Join me.


-Alexi D. Front
alexi (at) scorchedtundra (dot) com