Scorched Tundra XIII Artist Statement + Limited Edition Poster

This year’s Scorched Tundra art was created by Chicago-based printmaker and artist Bryn Gleason. We’ve worked together on many projects; however, this one was particularly special because of the unique convergence of my curatorial mission and Bryn’s recent work. To best honor this year’s art, I’ve decided to forego creating a festival edition t-shirt. Instead, a limited edition of risograph posters will be available starting on night 1. Bryn Gleason’s artist statement follows.

“I have worked on visual graphics for Scorched Tundra for three years now, and I can honestly say that ST XIII has been my absolute favorite so far. This year, the creative process began when Alexi Front toured Spit Bite Studio, where I was creating a series of large scale acrylic paintings depicting abstract figures inspired from my recent haunting of sleep paralysis. Intrigued by my recent works, Alexi and I discussed this years direction for the ST Artwork, deciding to go in a slightly different, more abstract, direction.

“We listened to the bands Alexi had booked for this years fest while I began sketching digitally. We went back and forth with ideas and rough sketches, quickly arriving at an image concept that commingled my haunting shadow figures with an ode to the historic Chicago fire, while still incorporating the explosive rays seen in almost all the ST visuals.

“Working collaboratively to recreate my eerie figures out of ashes and flames, for this one of a kind metal fest that continues to introduce rare talents to Chicago, was an absolute honor. I hope y’all enjoy the Artwork in addition to the incredible lineup of musical talents Alexi has curated.”

Proceeds from the sale of posters will benefit Life-Span, a Chicago-based organization that “empowers survivors of domestic and sexual violence to demand safety as a human right through client-centered services and leads social change through accountability, community engagement and systematic advocacy.”

The Scorched Tundra XIII Art was adopted for risograph printing by Victoria Barquin and Bryn Gleason.