Humbucker Release Party 8.17.23 @ Metropolitan Brewery

On Thursday 8/17 “Humbucker”, a Dortmunder-style lager brewed in collaboration with Metropolitan Brewery, will return. To mark the occasion three different dry-hopped versions will be tapped at Metropolitan Brewery’s taproom: Ariana, Huell Melon, Hallertau Blanc. Scorched Tundra organizer Alexi Front will be playing records from 6:30pm. Join us for this celebration of all things Dortmunder and metal!
More About Humbucker:
We brew Humbucker Dortmunder to be hoppier than our usual lager line-up to balance the Earthy minerality of the water, and the sweetly dry Vienna and Munich malts. Each hop addition is critical and unique, coming together to render a result greater than the sum of its parts. Early addition Horizon hops grants the beer a clean, purposeful bitterness. Middle addition Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops are chosen for their prominent herbal hop flavor. The beer finishes with an artful, subtle spice compliments of Liberty and Santiam hops.