Beyond ST XIII: Happenings Around Chicago

Beyond music there’s a number of special Scorched Tundra collaboration/celebrations occurring around Chicago to enjoy when you’re not at the show. Of course, at the fest, PBR and Jim Beam will have your beverage needs covered. Start your journey by loading up the ST Playlist, reading the fest preview in the Chicago Reader, or by exploring our Heavy Hops Podcast while cruising around town between evenings at The Empty Bottle.

Head up to Avondale and visit our friends at Metropolitan Brewing, Chicago’s oldest independently-owned craft brewery. Humbucker Dortmunder-style lager has been brewed in collaboration with Scorched Tundra annually since 2020. You can enjoy it on draft at Metro’s riverside patio, or grab a six-pack to go. While you’re there you may be able to experience a limited edition dry-hopped variant on draft. Humbucker will also be available at the festival. While you’re up in Avondale check out other neighborhood favorites: Bucket O’Blood RecordsMeteor Gem RecordsThe Beer TempleFrank and Mary’s, or the many bike/walking trails and parks.

After a few beers, a coffee from Dark Matter, a walk and some records in tote you’re probably ready to eat. Head over to all Kuma’s Corner locations to enjoy a proper meat feast: the Scorched Tundra burger. We developed the Scorched Tundra burger together back in 2017 for ST VIII and it’s been featured on the Kuma’s Corner menu each year since during ‘Tundra season. It’s a tribute to a legendary Gothenburg establishment called The Rover, which served the “Ass On Fire” burger. Many of the foundational ideas for ST were hatched at The Rover over burgers and beer. Bring this full circle by enjoying a glass of Metropolitan Brewing “Humbucker” – the perfect accompaniment.
Kuma’s Corner locations throughout Chicagoland are also running special Burgers of the Month to support artists performing at Scorched Tundra XIII. Here’s a breakdown of the Candy, Cloakroom and Firebreather Burgers, available through the end of August.
If you’re itching to kick off your Scorched Tundra experience stop by East Lakeview’s Bar On Buena for Metal Monday on 8/28. I’ve curated a special playlist for the evening and look forward to a chill hang before the week picks up. Did I mention Humbucker will be on draft?
We’ll have limited edition Scorched Tundra XIII risograph-posters available starting Night 1, along with shirts from Tundra’s past. Proceeds from sales of this year’s limited edition posters benefit Life-Span. Don’t have tickets yet? What are you waiting for!? Grab’em HERE.