Heavy Hops Ep. 012: Black Metal & Comics (Luca Cimarusti & Mike Gebel)

Joining us today are Luca Cimarusti of heavy bands Annihilus and Luggage and Mike Gebel, formerly the talent buyer for The Empty Bottle, a legendary independent venue in Chicago. In our conversation, we touch on coming of age in Chicagoland and the importance of independent and DIY venues in the city, and suburbs, from the perspectives of a talent buyer and a musician. Luca gives us the scoop on Annihilus, his solo black metal project, and the convergence of black metal and comics. We’re premiering the track “A Moon Falls” from Annihilus’s debut full length Ghanima out September 25th on a new record label called American Decline. We also discuss lineup and billing curation, lifting the veil on how Scorched Tundra first came to the US in 2016. While an hour of conversation was lost on account of technical difficulties, we invite you to dive and get heavy with us!

Support independently owned venues in Chicagoland by donating to CIVL – Chicago Independent Venue League or nationally with NIVA – National Independent Venue League. Friend of the show Fabio Brienza (guitarist/vocalist of Varaha) created a compelling video to support #SaveOurStages, check it out HERE.

Listen to the Episode 012 Spotify Playlist companion curated by Luca Cimarusti HERE.

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