Heavy Hops & Scorched Tundra Update, Upcoming Instagram Live Q&A

The world of Scorched Tundra is fully immersed in podcasting with its latest venture, Heavy Hops. It’s ambition is to build on the types of conversations and relationships that Scorched Tundra fosters. Heavy Hops is part of a lineage that dates back almost twenty years to the founding of Pivotal Rage Webzine, Pivotal Rockordings Record Label and Artist Management. As new and exciting spaces in entertainment and hospitality are explored Scorched Tundra will come along as an intellectual and principle foundation.

Heavy Hops is twelve episodes in and we’ve shared a variety of conversations about art, music and beverage. Most recently in Episode 012 we spoke with Chicago-based visual artist Mute Neighbor about the convergence of art and politics, religious trauma and his creative process. His art is highly relevant and compelling, check it out HERE. Recent conversations with Luca Cimarusti (Annihilus) and Mike Gebel (Episode 012), Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity (Episode 009), and Nick Dellacroce of Bongripper (Episode 007) have touched on inspiration, musical and lyrical expression, as well as each guests unique backstory. Brewers, barrel blenders and owners of Goose Island (Episode 011), The Beer Temple (Episode 010), Spiteful Brewing (Episode 008), Metropolitan Brewing (Episode 005), and DryHop Brewers (Episode 004) have painted pictures of their businesses, how they have survived and coped during COVID 19, providing context to where the beer industry stands today. Be sure to check out the episode notes for each episode as a number of guests have curated playlist companions to accompany our conversations.


There will be a Heavy Hops Instagram Live Q&A on Monday October 5th at 7pm Central Time. We had such a fun time last week chatting with you all that we foresee doing this more regularly! If you’d like to get the full experience, pick up a six pack or case of Spiteful Vienna Lager or Spiteful IPA w/ Tangerine.  Order directly from the brewery.

We are working on loyalty opportunities for those of you interested in supporting the podcast beyond listening. At the moment, the best support we can continue to get is by gaining new listeners and for further engagement from those already enjoying us. Please subscribe to Heavy Hops wherever you listen to podcasts. Leaving a review and sharing episodes with friends on social media will help others find us.

Both the hospitality and live music industries are suffering tremendously. Those who listened to Episode 003 with Brent Heyl and Molly Mobley of The Empty Bottle and Empty Bottle Presents will realize the immense pressures venues face. Please consider donating to NIVA and CIVL to provide continued support for independent venues nationally and Chicago; Chicago Hospitality Coaltion; and for those of you living internationally reach out to your favorite venues or national organizations and find out how you can help!

Finally, we encourage you to be sure you’re registered to vote, and either have a plan on how to do so day of the election or have already have your mail in ballot en route.  Check out Vote Save America for more info.