Heavy Hops Ep. 061: Modern British Beer (Matthew Curtis/Pellicle Magazine)

Joining us this week is Matthew Curtis, an award-winning freelance writer, broadcaster and author based in Manchester. You may be familiar with his work as Editor-in-Chief of Pellicle Magazine, a publication and podcast focused on beer, cider, wine, food and travel.

Matt’s most recent book, Modern British Beer, is the focus of our conversation. The book itself provides a look at eighty different beers produced annually in the UK. In sharing the perspectives of the producers – and the tasting notes of the beers themselves in first person narrative – Matt highlights the diversity of these beverages and how they are a reflection of place, values and ethics. Our conversation dives into the aspects of modernity, the influence continental and American producers have had on the flavors and production practices he documents, and the space these beers occupy in an evolving contemporary European beer market. We also consider who drinkers of modern British beer are, where traditional brewers sit in the landscape Matt describes, and the statement CAMRA – the Campaign for Real Ale – made by publishing this book.

Modern British Beer can be purchased directly from the publisher HERE.

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This episode was edited by Esben Willems at Studio Berserk in Gothenburg, Sweden

Music by: Sam Cangelosi

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