What’s New With Heavy Hops and Scorched Tundra (April 2021)

It’s been a productive winter in the world of Scorched Tundra. While I have been unable to put on shows since February 2020, discussions are ongoing with venue partners about re-opening and what billings look interesting. As the live industry takes shape this year I will update you of any new confirmed shows and plans. If you’re looking for a way to support the festival please visit the webshop. NIVA’s Save Our Stages Act did pass as part of the COVID-19 Relief Bill earlier this year and I encourage you to continue to support bands and independent venues when(ever) possible.

Heavy Hops is nearing forty episodes and recent conversations have been wide-ranging, interesting and enjoyable! We also launched a series about Umeå Hardcore, now three episodes in. When booking guests and thinking about these episodes, I often imagine what kinds of conversations would occur if all these folks were sitting in a crowded bar together.

Would Matthias Neidhart (EP 033) and Noah Hopkins (Ep 037) agree with Breandán Kearney’s (Ep 033) positions on Belgian beer culture? What would Cathy Pellow of Sargent House Records (Ep 036) say to Susanne Odell (UXÅ HXC: Part III) about the role of women in 90’s hardcore music? Would Chris Quinn (Ep 032) find parallels between building relationships with suppliers in the beverage industry with the record industry after speaking with his neighbor Grant McKee (Ep 029)? Will Marko Tervonen (Ep 035) tell Eric Rosentreter (Ep 030) about playing Chicago’s Fireside Bowl while on tour with The Crown twenty years ago? And these are just the recent episodes. Get up to speed by checking out recent episodes below.