On Sale Friday: In The Company of Serpents (9/4/21) + Heavy Hops & Scorched Tundra Crowdfunding Initiative

Live Music Is Back!

The first show we are co-promoting at The Empty Bottle will take place on Saturday September 4th featuring In The Company of Serpents, Hive and Roman Ring! On the back of In The Company of Serpents successful Chicago debut at Scorched Tundra X – and the release of its critically acclaimed fourth album Lux in May 2020we anticipate tickets moving fast, so be ready to order on Friday at 10am Central Time!

This is the first in a series of co-promoted shows in the works for 2021 and 2022, so keep an eye out for more announcements on our new Discord Community (see below), Facebook, Instagram and this newsletter.

Mark your calendars: Scorched Tundra XII will take place in Chicago at The Empty Bottle on Labor Day Weekend 2022.

Heavy Hops & Scorched Tundra Crowdfunding Initiative

We recently launched a crowdfunding initiative for those interested in financially contributing to the combined Scorched Tundra and Heavy Hops efforts. Head over to our Ko-Fi Page to donate and receive an invitation to join our Discord Community. As the community grows, we plan to offer special incentives to members of the Discord community, such as opportunities to purchase tickets ahead of On Sale dates for our or alike shows, special meet up opportunities and more. All donations made go directly to the costs of operating and creating Heavy Hops and Scorched Tundra content. By joining the community early you can find like-minded folks from around the world and have a direct line with us!