Heavy Hops Weekend Binge, Metropolitan “Humbucker” Collaboration

Heavy Hops, a new podcast from Scorched Tundra, is in full swing with four episodes online to binge on this weekend!  Moving forward, episodes will be posted every Thursday. Episodes can always be found HERE on the Scorched Tundra website, Apple Podcasts and wherever else you find your podcasts!  We’ve had incredible conversations with Kate Brankin (Pipeworks Brewing Co), Molly Mobley and Brent Heyl (Empty Bottle & Thalia Hall) and Brant Dubovick (Dry Hop Brewers, Corridor, Crushed By Giants) and we hope you have enjoyed them or take the time to catch up!  Tune into Heavy Hops next Thursday (7/30) to hear from Metropolitan Brewing founders and co-owners Tracy and Doug Hurst.

Speaking of Metropolitan Brewing…

The latest Scorched Tundra beer collaboration Humbucker – a Dortmunder-style Lager – with Metropolitan Brewery in Chicago is moving along and we look forward to its market release in the late summer.  The beer will be available in 12oz cans (designed by Randy Mosher).  More information is forthcoming.