Heavy Hops Ep. 089: Context Is Crucial (Martin Atkins/Museum of Post Punk & Industrial Music)

Martin Atkins’ experience as a musician and entrepreneur spans genres, borders and industries. He was a member of Public Image Limited with Johnny Rotten, Ministry, Killing Joke, and Pigface in addition to being a performer with Nine Inch Nails. He’s touched every aspect of the music industry and covered it in his three books. We discuss Martin’s most recent undertaking, the Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music in Chicago and what it’s been like collecting, and deciding what to do with equipment, costumes, and other artifacts from his rich and colorful career. Martin is also the music business program coordinator at Millikin University in Decatur, IL and lectures regularly about the music industry. We devote time to my questions about building a local scene in a highly globalized world and how artists can get recognized amidst the proliferation of music online.

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