Heavy Hops Ep. 077: Wheaties & Lucky Charms (Kate Bernot/Good Beer Hunting Sightlines, Craft Beer & Brewing)

Joining us this week is Kate Bernot, a contributing Editor for Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, Sightlines contributor for Good Beer Hunting, and previously beer editor for Draft Magazine. In addition to her award winning writing, she is a BJCP certified beer judge, based in Montana. Her work covers a variety of companies and stories within the alcohol and beer spaces, making her the perfect insider for our wrap up of 2021 and peek into 2022. 

Our wide-ranging conversation touches on journalistic and academic integrity in reporting, research and policy; the Neo-Temperance Movement; ethics in journalism, why we should be careful when talking about growth in the non-alcoholic beer segment; globalization of craft beer and the role that technology and mass media have played in shifting expectations and styles; and impending supply chain issues. We look at what success brewers have experienced during the pandemic and what challenges lay ahead in the new year.

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