Heavy Hops Ep. 069: Pairing Music With Landscapes (Jeremy Walker & Alex Feher/Fire In The Mountains)

From its clandestine roots, to an environmentally focused multi day music and lifestyle event, Fire In The Mountains, has become an important festival in the heavy music calendar. Want to see Emma Ruth Rundle play on a grand piano with the Grand Tetons as a backdrop? Enjoy a barbecue featuring local, sustainably grown, food cooked by a Norwegian chef? This is where you’ll have that opportunity. 

Founders Jeremy Walker and Alex Feher walk us through the event’s roots, the centrality of environment and place that guides much of the decision-making, curation, and the importance of inclusion, attendees being participants, not customers.

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Episode Art and HH Logo By: Bryn Gleason

Audio editing, mix and mastering: Esben Willems / Studio Berserk

Music by: Sam Cangelosi

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