Heavy Hops Ep. 062: Touring Life (Mattias Nööjd & Axel Wittbeck/Firebreather)

This week we’re in Gothenburg Sweden at Studio Berserk with Mattiias Nööjd and Axel Wittbeck, guitarist/vocalist and drummer respectively of the riff driven heavy band Firebreather. The band will head to the USA for the first time in early 2022 with Monolord.

Our conversation revolves around the role that touring plays in gaining notoriety, and the challenges that comes with gaining and building an audience on the road. We also discuss the bands forthcoming, as of yet untitled, third album, which will be released by Riding Easy Records


Check out the dates for the upcoming Firebreather/Monolord tour HERE.

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Episode Art and HH Logo By: Bryn Gleason

This episode was recorded, edited, mixed and mastered at Studio Berserk in Gothenburg, Sweden by: Esben Willems.

Music by: Sam Cangelosi

Photos By: Therese Rasmusson

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