Heavy Hops Ep. 059: “Cool Story” Barrels (Jim Cibak & Marty Scott/Revolution Brewing)

Joining us this week are Jim Cibak and Marty Scott – Brewmaster and Barrel Program Lead respectively – at Revolution Brewing in Chicago. The brewery’s “Deep Woods” Series of barrel aged beers has garnered the attention of drinkers of these time and ingredient intensive styles. Balance, Jim and Marty argue, as perceived during the sensory process, and calculated in analysis, is central to the challenge of achieving consistency, complexity and conveyance of barrel expression for which their “Deep Woods” beers are known. 

We discuss how sourcing barrels with intention and purpose, blending, patience, nimbleness, luck, and ability to lean on their knowledge reservoir – that of the largest independently owned craft brewery in Illinois – also play a role. Jim and Marty walk us through a number of their barrel aged beers sharing insights into their construction, tasting notes, and stories.

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This episode was edited by Esben Willems at Studio Berserk in Gothenburg, Sweden

Music by: Sam Cangelosi

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