Heavy Hops Ep. 048: Morbid Malts (Samu Rahn/Louis Glunz Beer, Cairn & Wintering)

We’re back in the studio this week for the first time since October, enjoying a few beers with Samu Rahn. Our wide-ranging conversation touches on Samu’s musical endeavors as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist in dark heavy bands Cairn and Wintering; the importance of seeking new, niche, experiences – whether at home or abroad; beer and metal intersections by way of Hammerheart Brewing; and what it has been like working as a distribution sales rep during the pandemic. 

On the back nine of our discussion we hear about developments and trends Samu is observing on-premise as Key Account & Specialty Brand Manager for Louis Glunz a Chicagoland beer distributor. Will Flavored Malt Beverages (FMBs and Seltzers) and Ready to Drink (RTDs) products continue to eat away at beer’s market share in bars and restaurants as it has in the cold box and on shelves in grocery and liquor stores? We also discuss the variety of roles collaboration can play between breweries and in communities; as well as the challenges and opportunities existent for concert promoters, podcasters and beer distributors to do more to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the spaces we love every day. 

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Wintering (Bandcamp)
Louis Glunz Beer

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Episode Art and HH Logo By: Bryn Gleason

Beers Enjoyed:
Hammerheart Gesik (2017)
Stiegl Goldbrau
Jester King Spon Raspberry and Cherry (2018)
Old Irving Things We Don’t Say

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