Heavy Hops Ep. 047: Hearing Conservation (Drs. Michael Santucci & Howard Kotler)

With summer festivals and club concerts on the horizon, we wanted to explore the connections between mental, physical and hearing health. No better guests to join us than Chicago-based audiologist Dr. Michael Santucci and Otolaryngologist Dr. Howard Kotler, an ear nose and throat specialist. As the world’s only audiologist-run earphone manufacturer Dr. Santucci’s firm Sensaphonics attracts musicians from all over the world seeking hearing protection. 

Using the recent film Sound of Metal as our starting point we discuss how hearing injury and loss can occur, the role stigmatization plays in exacerbating hearing damage and what constitutes effective hearing conservation. Dr. Santucci also touches on his work with the World Health Organization on decibel limits in venues and hearing loss prevention in music. Hearing injury can occur through repeated exposure in a variety of loud environments and this conversation encourages a holistic approach to the topic. 

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