Heavy Hops Ep. 046: Migration and ReChording (Trevor Shelley de Brauw/Pelican/Chord/RLYR)

Joining us this week is Trevor Shelley de Brauw guitarist of Chicago-based heavy instrumental bands Pelican, RLYR and Chord. We discuss what’s happening with each of these bands, including re-releases of Pelican’s first three records (Australasia, The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw, City of Echoes), the fourth Chord effort Imperfect Authentic Cadence and the upcoming RLYR album, which was being recorded at the time of this conversation. We discuss sources of inspiration, use of file-sharing in songwriting, and the experience of allowing fans access to the creative process through new technology such as Tik Tok. Trevor also works as a publicist and tells us about the changing landscape of public relations and communicating with journalists.

Here’s a spotify playlist containing Trevor’s work. Click the band names below to access their Bandcamp profiles.

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