Heavy Hops Ep. 037: Happy Happy Cold Club (Noah Hopkins/Dark Matter Coffee)

Noah Hopkins is the Production Manager at Dark Matter Coffee’s Mothership facility located in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. We discuss how Noah applies methods of building and balancing flavor in brewing to roasting coffee, enhancing Dark Matter’s barrel aging, dry-hopping and cask conditioning programs. The wider world of beverage is an inspiration for Noah and his team. Coffees fermented with different strains of brewers yeast and even conditioned on Malört – a Chicago delicacy – being a few examples. Collaboration with breweries is frequent and substantial. We discuss a variety of manners in which Noah and his team work with breweries of all sizes to create unique coffee beers.

We also touch on the relationship between coffee production, environment, and fair business practices. We discuss the recent forest fires on Atitlan Volcano – the home to San Jeronimo Miramar farm – Dark Matter’s extended family in Guatemala. Noah paints a picture of the farm; emphasizing the importance of sustainability and climate changes’ impact on suppliers and farmers.

Consider donating to Dark Matter Coffee’s GoFundMe supporting relief efforts and those living in areas affected by the fires on Atitlan Volcano.

Beers Enjoyed:
Revolution Cafe Deth
More/ Voodoo Petro
De Dolle XL Pale Ale

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