Heavy Hops Ep. 036: The House Is Home (Cathy Pellow/Sargent House)

Cathy Pellow is the founder of Sargent House, a record label and artist management company based in Los Angeles. In putting the commitment to long term artist development at the center of her work, Cathy facilitates a growing community of highly respected, like-minded, artists from the dark and heavy worlds of music. You know these bands. Chelsea Wolfe, Russian Circles, Mutoid Man, Lingua Ignota, Emma Ruth Rundle, Earth, Deafheaven and many more call Sargent House home.

Cathy’s passion for cultivating talent and giving non-mainstream artists a platform is evident in our discussion about her most recent projects, including Riverwood Art Co-op. A culture of trust and empowerment are among fundamentals to the success of her artists. With the backdrop of uncertainty in the music industry, Cathy’s enthusiasm, focus, energy and passion are extremely welcome. We kick off this wide-ranging conversation with a robust discussion of what is coming up immediately from Sargent House.

This playlist provides an excellent introduction to Sargent Houses’s releases from 2020.

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