Heavy Hops Ep. 035: Thirty Years of Royal Destruction (Marko Tervonen/The Crown)

Marko Tervonen is a founding member and guitarist of The Crown, a death/thrash metal band from Sweden’s west coast. Royal Destroyer, the band’s tenth album, comes out on March 12 via Metal Blade Records. Marko discusses reaching this landmark, their thirty plus year career, songwriting, recording with live performance in mind, and how the five year break after Crowned Unholy shaped expectations when the band got back together. We also touch on jamming with his son and contemporary album production. Check out the episode notes where you’ll find music videos from Royal Destroyer and a career-spanning companion playlist.

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Music Videos for: “Motordeath” and “We Drift On”
Listen to the complete discography of The Crown and Angel Blake
Check out Mateo Tervonen’s band Sarcator

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Episode Notes: https://scorchedtundra.com/heavy-hops-ep-035-thirty-years-of-royal-destruction-marko-tervonen-the-crown/