Heavy Hops Ep. 034: Methode Accidental (Matthias Neidhart & David Frost/B. United Int.)

Joining us today are Matthias Neidhart and David Frost of B. United International – an importer of specialty beer, cider, sake and meads – based in Connecticut. Brewers and producers they represent such as Hitachino/Kiuchi, De Dolle, Schlenkerla, Reissdorf, Domaine DuPont, and Loverbeer have had an enduring impact on the evolution of beer in America over the last twenty five years.

We discuss how Matthias and his son Ben’s unending curiosity and desire for expertise have built a high level of trust with suppliers – allowing their tanker project to flourish and push the boundaries of what an importer is. At Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores/Order of the Eccentric Boilers (OEC), they are adding a sense of place to base beers they import – or produce in their own brewhouse – by harnessing native occurring bacteria and yeast captured from their own horticultural area. Fermentation and conditioning in steel, wood or a variety of other vessels such as granite tanks, Urwaga Pits, and amphorae reflects an unabating interest in fermentation practices from around the world.

We end by discussing David’s work in South Africa with Dr Garth Cambray at Makana Meadery and what projects lie ahead for B. United.

Beers Enjoyed:
Hitachino Red Rice
Schlenkerla Märzen

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