Heavy Hops Ep. 028: Red Creek Rising (Johannes Persson/Cult of Luna)

Our conversation with Johannes Persson continues, with the topic shifting to his main musical project, Cult of Luna.  We pick up on the DIY ethos so crucial to his professional development in our discussion about Red Creek Recordings, Johannes’ new record label venture, a project only 2020 would have made time for (Johannes points out the next Cult of Luna full length will be released by Metal Blade Records). His creative process is driven by examining the subconscious and constant evaluation, as we learn in our exploration of how writing music for Cult of Luna has changed over time.  We discuss our mutual fondness for Roadburn Festival as well as an upcoming collaboration with James Kent (Perturbator).  Please be sure to check out Umeå Hardcore Part I: Birch and Ashes, which also features Johannes, and acts as a natural runway into this episode.

Listen to the most recent Cult of Luna single “Three Bridges” from The Raging River EP out on February 5th via Red Creek Recordings.

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