Heavy Hops Ep. 025: Top International Albums of 2020 (Mikael Stanne/Dark Tranquillity/Grand Cadaver)

Mikael Stanne, vocalist for the melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity joins us for an epic episode! Dark Tranquillity recently released its 12th album Moment on Century Media Records. We dig into the album, specifically how it fits into the bands catalog; the process of integrating guitarists Christopher Amott and Johan Reinholdz into the bands existing sound and song writing process; and the experience of performing Moment in its entirety at the beautiful Stora Teatern (Storan) in central Gothenburg.  Check out the music video for the track “Eye Of The World” filmed at the theater for a taste of the performance.

A special beer was brewed for the 25th anniversary Dark Tranquillity‘s landmark album The Gallery, meriting a wider discussion about what we’ve been drinking lately. We also reveal our top five international albums of the year (all albums, beers, etc have hyper links, so explore!). Mikael is a true music enthusiast and we enjoyed having him back on the show. Also, he’s joined a new project called Grand Cadaver that will be right up your alley if old school death metal is your thing!

Mikael’s Top 5 International Albums:
Pallbearer Forgotten Days
Oceans of Slumber S/T
Motorpsycho The All is One
Lowrider Refractions
Causa Sui Szabodelico

Notable Singles, Re-Pressings/Remasters, Live Albums and Non Metal Notables: Swedish retro Lykantropi Tales to be Told, Siena Root The Secret of Our Time, Awesome live: The War On Drugs Live Drugs, Best live synth: Kite Live At The Royal Opera.

Alexi’s Top 5 International Albums::
Novarupta Marine Snow 
Yuri Gagarin The Outskirts of Reality
Ocean Chief  Den Tredje Dagen 
Kairon; Irse Polysomn 
Convocation Ashes Coalesce 

Notable Singles, Re-Pressings/Remasters, Live Albums etc: Cult of Luna “Three Bridges”  (from Raging River EP via Red Creek, bands label new distributed by Metal Blade + Seasons of Mist – out Feb 5). Non Metal Notables: Wobbler Dwellers of the Deep (fantastic capture of heyday of 70s prog – Norway), Electric Moon Live at Freak Valley 2019 Double LP (Rockfreak/Sulatron – Germany), Sula Bassana Boxset (6LP via Sulatron). Anticipating Next Year: Kikagaku Moyo Live at Levitation (pre-sales sold out immediately).

Sam’s Top 5 International Albums:
pg.lost Oscillate
Regarde Les Hommes Tomber L’Ascension
Draconian Under a Godless Veil
Second to Sun Leviathan
Gaerea Limbo

Notable Singles, Re-Pressings/Remasters, Live Albums etc: Venom Prison Primevil, Sylvaine and Reqvited Time Without End, Zeal & Ardor Wake of a Nation.
Non Metal Notables: Gramps The Vamp Keeper of the Void (Dark, Groovy, Avant-Garde Jazz, cinematic, Psych rockish), Wardruna Kvitravn, Myrkur Folksange.

We compiled a large playlist of albums, singles, and re-released material from 2020.  Listen to it HERE.

Beers Enjoyed:
Microbrasserie Du Bas Mirage
Dugges Coffee Vanilla Deluxe
Half Acre Big Hugs
Stigbergets Iconic 
Stigbergets Amazing Haze

Check out Dark Matter’s Barrel Bonanza and an eloquent explanation of their barrel aging process. Thanks to Noah Hopkins for the scoop on the beans used for this years Big Hugs!

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Find Grand Cadaver on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram.

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