Heavy Hops Ep. 024: A Dive Into Brewing Education (Christian von der Heide/Siebel Institute)

Christian Von der Heide, President and CEO of Siebel Institute – the oldest Brewing School in the Americas – joins us for a dive into brewing education.  How has it changed over time?  How and which technological innovations have impacted the industry most? Beer is an evolving and ever changing industry; Christian tells us about how Siebel has widened its educational efforts into spirits, meads, ciders, Ready to Drink cocktails and Flavored Malt Beverages. We learn Christian’s backstory as a master brewer at Augustiner with an education from Weihenstephan brewing school.  While he’s worked for a number of the largest breweries in the world he’s not lost his love for homebrewing, the root of innovation he argues.

More About Siebel Institute can be found on their Official Website as well as Facebook and Instagram.

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