Heavy Hops Ep. 020: Into The Hops (Magnus Tannergren/Into The Void)

Magnus Tannergren is the founder and editor of Sweden’s Into The Void Podcast. It’s a sonic fanzine covering the heavy underground that has been active since 2014 featuring interviews with underground bands and living legends of heavy rock. Magnus has previously been in rock radio and is a longtime staff writer for Slavestate Magazine – one of Sweden’s oldest and most read online zines for heavy music.

Our conversation follows Magnus through Swedish heavy media history. We discuss community radio, government policy in the form of “study circles” and publicly funded music school, the changing landscape of media presentation and consumption, the responsibility media has in uplifting underground music and arts, and the shortcomings of viewing Swedish metal as primarily driven by Stockholm Death Metal and the Gothenburg Sound.

Magnus created this week’s playlist companion. Enjoy it HERE.

Alexi was featured on Into The Void ahead of Scorched Tundra VII in Gothenburg. Listen to the interview HERE.

Beer Enjoyed:
Revolution Deth’s Tar
For our listeners in Sweden Magnus recommends Apex Brewing Company in Nora.

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