Heavy Hops Ep. 017 – Part II: Critical Tasting And Evaluation (Eymard Freire/Siebel Institute)

Eymard Freire of the Siebel Institute walks us through critically assessing beer. How do we go about judging a beer based on its appearance, color, aroma, and flavor in order to build our overall impression? Building on lessons from Part I, we dive deeper into what chemicals or compounds produce the aromas and flavors we are familiar with. This conversation carries lessons that can be applied to enjoying a variety of food and beverages. It wouldn’t be a Heavy Hops Episode without a few diversions and Part II certainly doesn’t lack them!

About Our Guest:
Eymard Freire is a Recruiter, Product Manager, and Sensory Analyst at the Siebel Institute in Chicago. Previously he was the brewmaster and designed the brewery at Bixi Beer, and has worked in a number of breweries in Chicagoland. He’s also developed the game BrewSpirit game which can be found in the Apple Ap Store.

Siebel Institute Of Technology:
Official Website
About: The Siebel Institute of Technology is the oldest brewing school in the America’s. Offering more brewing and beer-related courses than any other school.

Heavy Hops:

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