Heavy Hops Ep. 007 – Part I: Why DIY (Bongripper)

Since 2006 Chicago’s Bongripper has captured the attention of metal heads globally with its unique low end driven instrumental, drone inspired brand of devastating doom metal.  In Part I of this conversation Guitarist and founding member Nick Dellacroce discusses the formation of Bongripper; the crucial role peer-to-peer file sharing (torrenting) played in his discovery of music; the importance of variety in concert billings; early touring and the bands first experience at Roadburn; and the virtue and ethic of DIY in the music business, which has guided the band through six full length album releases.

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On a personal note Bongripper was the first North American band to play at Scorched Tundra, for ST IV in Gothenburg 2014. Bongripper again performed at the first Scorched Tundra in Chicago (ST VI 2016). Check out the lineups for previous Scorched Tundra festivals HERE.

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Half Acre Fully Saturated Double Daisy Cutter

Listen to the discussed PM5K Debut album HERE.

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Heavy Hops Logo and Episode Art By: Bryn Gleason . Inspired by Bongrpper’s “Satan Worshipping Doom” album which turns 10 this year.