Heavy Hops Ep. 004: Brewpub Life (DryHop, Corridor & Crushed By Giants Brewpubs)

Brant Dobuvick is the Director of Brewing Operations for three successful Chicago brewpubs: DryHop Brewers, Corridor Provisions & Brewery, and Crushed By Giants (which opened on July 17, 2020).  In this engaging conversation we discuss what it means to be a small brewpub in Chicago in the midst of a changing landscape impacted by COVID 19, the cultural synergy between music and beer, and the business model of having multiple on/own-premise locations in one city.

Beers Enjoyed:
Dry Hop Happy Accident
Dry Hop Handful of Minutes

Check Out:
Dry Hop Brewers
Corridor Brewery & Provisions
Roebuck Pizza
Crushed By Giants

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