Heavy Hops Ep. 027: A Dive Into Lux (Grant Netzorg/In The Company of Serpents)

Grant Netzorg, frontman of the Denver based doom trio In The Company of Serpents joins us for our first conversation of 2021.  The bands recent release, Lux, landed on multiple 2020 year end lists, including our own.  We dive into the album touching on production and how the album differentiates from past releases.  Grant opens up about the lyrical content, self-releasing albums, the importance of hands on involvement every step of the way, and his multifaceted recording and live rig, which we eagerly dive into.  If you’ve not checked out Lux, please do so from our 2020 Year End Playlist.

We first met Grant at Scorched Tundra X, their first ever Chicago show. The set was absolutely crushing – one of the strongest performances of that year. If you’ve not seen the band live yet, check out this live performance of Lux. Grant’s enthusiasm and warmth are one of a kind and it was a pleasure having him on the show!

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