Heavy Hops Podcast Launches

Scorched Tundra has launched a brand new Podcast called Heavy Hops:

Heavy Hops uses beer and heavy music as lenses to frame larger cultural and social questions. Guests from the music and beer industry join hosts Alexi D Front (Scorched Tundra) and Sam Cangelosi to share their stories and discuss why and how the worlds of heavy music and beer matter and are highly intertwined. Dive and get heavy with new episodes every Monday.

You’re able to find it immediately on our website and Apple Podcasts, and in due course on Spotify and everywhere else you find your favorite podcasts.  Please consider subscribing.  We’ve lined up a strong set of guests to join us each week.  The first episode is now available, and subsequent episodes will be available from Monday every week.  The conversations have been amazing so far and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Additionally, as music venues were the first to close and will be among the last to open we strongly recommend finding ways to support initiatives such as CIVL (Chicago Independent Venue League), Save Our Stages, and NIVA (National Independent Venue Association).  The web of independently owned venues in Chicago is unique and crucial to the success of underground music.  No other medium to large sized city in the US has been able to fend off the influence of Live Nation and AEG as effectively as Chicago.  Without venues such as The Empty Bottle and Thalia Hall Scorched Tundra would not exist as a music event.  Let’s work together to ensure a future where independent venues continue to thrive in our entertainment landscape.

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