Red Cross Donations

Thousands of people are attempting to enter Europe and more specifically Sweden to escape terrible circumstances in their homeland.  This donation initative seeks to raise funds for the Swedish Red Cross with the specific intention of helping these people find a better life in Northern Europe.

Several bands performing at Scorched Tundra V have donated vinyl and merchandise to the drive.  Depending on how much you donate you will receive a proportionate number of entries.  The entries will entitle you to be a part of the prize drawing, taking place on December 18th, 2015 at Scorched Tundra Festival.

Entries will be pulled from a hat for the prizes.  You can donate in the following increments:

1 Entry = 100 SEK (approx. $12, 10.6€)
2 Entries = 200 SEK (approx. $24, 21.2€)
4 Entries = 400 SEK (approx. $48, 42.3€)
7 Entries = 666 SEK (approx. $80, 70.6€)

To claim your prize show up to Scorched Tundra V Day 2 where the drawing will take place.  Winners not present will be contacted via e-mail.

Donate To Win Prizes from:

Salem’s Pot:
Vinyl and T-Shirt of your choice

2-3 copies of 2xLP Arktika
T-Shirt Design of your choice

1 Vænir on vinyl
1 Empress Rising on vinyl
1 Cursing The One 12″ vinyl
1 logo patch
1 coffee patch
1 cap of choice
1 T-Shirt of choice

1 Vinyl of Choice
1 CD of Choice
1 Shirt of Choice

Mammoth Storm:
1 Rite of Ascension EP
1 Fornjot LP
2 T-Shirts of Choice

Scorched Tundra
2012 – T-Shirt
2013 – T-Shirt
2014 – T-Shirt
2015 – T-Shirt
2016 Festival Entrance

Age of Woe
Inhuman Form LP
3 T-Shirts

Indisciplinarian Catalog
5 Anti-Ritual 12″ and 5 other Indisciplinarian titles (Rising, Fossils, Piss Vortex
and Recitation)

Winners to be announced on Day 2 Scorched Tundra Festival



  • By participating in this initiative you, the donor, agree to allow Scorched Tundra Festival to transfer your funds donated to the Swedish Red Cross.
  • Drawing for prizes takes place at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg Sweden on the evening of December 18th, 2015.  If you win a prize, and are not present to claim your prize, you will be contacted via the e-mail address you provide when making your donation.  If you are present you must claim your prize by the end of the evening.
  • Scorched Tundra will give all donations to Swedish Red Cross no later than December 22nd.
  • Your donation is final and the funds cannot be retrieved.  You may donate multiple times.